Torchsong Studio

Lampwork beads, vessels, and charms

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Goddess Necklaces

These stylized Goddess Beads are strung on an imported neckpiece made of wound silk. It “buttons” in the back and is adjustable from about 18" to 20". Each necklace is $35. See Individual bead descriptions below.

Also on this page, I have listed some Hollow Teapot Beads that I have made. They are a nice size to be worn on a long chain and are perfect for you or your favorite tea aficionado.

Cows and Roses Teapot

I’ve made a number of beads combining polka dots and roses and I’ve always called them cows and roses beads, so this teapot is no exception.

$35.00 [purchase]

Desert Goddess Necklace

This goddess bead has been etched to give her a more sandy look. The sun shines through her arms as she raises them in a salute.

$35.00 [purchase]

Desert Goddess Necklace 2

This desert goddess is still shiny as she lolls in the coolness between dark and light.

$35.00 [purchase]

Mossy Goddess Necklace

This goddess rises from a cool, mossy glade to begin her day in the clear sunlight of another beautiful day!

$35.00 [purchase]

Opal Goddess Necklace

This goddess floats among the opal clouds holding the glowing ball of the moon high above her head.

$35.00 [purchase]

Opal Jade Teapot

Another classic looking piece. I was thinking celadon, but realized this has the look of jade!

$35.00 [purchase]

Red Hat Ladies' Teapot

Inspired by a gathering of Red Hat ladies. I had such a hard time getting the colors together, but once I began, it was hard to put them down. Red and purple really DO go together!

$35.00 [purchase]